04.28.2016: Monster March Madness Concludes

Monster March Madness concludes!

Monster March Madness concludes!

Trying to edit podcasts while traveling isn’t so easy, so now that I’m back at home and you’ve all been at the edges of your seats (and I’m sure you haven’t become bored with the wait, right??) it’s time to crown the winner of our MONSTER MARCH MADNESS tournament! And yes, I’m painfully aware that we’re almost in May, but that’s not the important part.

The important part is that this episode contains the three final bouts in which we go from Elite/Hateful Eight to Final/Fearful Four and finally  the Championship itself. We’ve broken it up with some music for you so you can pretend that these were separated by a week or so (use your imagination, people!).

If you’re looking for the number of Gigan figures/statues in my collection (as mentioned at the end of the episode) I think I’m going to put together a video showing me count them all instead of including it in this installment of the podcast.

We should be back soon with a brand new episode covering the Shin Gojira trailer that was released while I was in Japan! Woohoo!!!

1. All Monsters Attack by Akira Ifukube from Destroy All Monsters (1968)
2. Clash of the Two Giant Monsters by Ko Otani from Gamera 2: Advent of Legion (1996)
3. Last Shot by Alexandre Desplat from Godzilla (2014)
4. Godzula by M.O.D. from Gross Misconduct (2009)

Big huzzahs to our second and first place winners, Raven Johnson and Justin Greene!


Check these out – artist Frankie Washington created these killer sketch cards based on the battles fought during Monster March Madness!

Kong vs Hedorah by Frankie Washington

Kong vs Hedorah by Frankie Washington


Daimajin vs. Gamera by Frankie Washington

04.09.2016: March Madness Continues!

Monster March Madness continues!

Monster March Madness continues!

Are you ready for another round of Monster March Madness? Well we sure hope so! The excitement continues in this special episode of the Kaijucast. And yeah, yeah – once again, we understand that were at the beginning of April and there’s a little bit of a misnomer there. Hopefully next year will be a bit more organized and timely.

Dave, Sean, Charles, Rachel and Bryan joined me for this exciting elimination round and you might be surprised at which monsters came out on top.

This is a short episode and we only cover the MMM bouts here. That said, where are we in the competition?


1. Return of Ultraman by the Garamones (2016)


We’re seeing the champions for each region in this competition. Next up, the beasts traverse those enemy lines and face off against their opponents in a battle royale.

Godzilla 2014 vs. 2004 :: GODZILLA 2014 WINS

Gigan vs. Hedorah :: HEDORAH WINS

Battra vs. Orga :: BATTRA WINS

Ultraman vs. Gamera :: GAMERA WINS

What will happen in the final bouts of this epic and inaugural knock-down-drag-out fight? Tune in and find out!

Major thanks to Andy Campbell and Keith Foster for providing the recap.

03.31.2016: Yamato Takeru Daikaiju Discussion

The crew dives deep into Japanese mythology (sort of) with our discussion of Yamato Takeru (Orochi the Eight-Headed Dragon).

The crew dives deep into Japanese mythology (sort of) with our discussion of Yamato Takeru (Orochi the Eight-Headed Dragon).

We are back with our third episode of March! And, yes, I realize that this technically is getting posted on April 1st….but it’s not a joke – the new episode is here and we are talking about Yamato Takeru, Toho’s semi-remake of their 1959 film Birth of Japan but focusing on the Japanese legend of the same name. Released in the US as ORochi the Eight-Headed Dragon, this film holds an interesting place in kaiju cinema due to it’s mythological connections to what is essentially Japan’s religious origin story.

We also jumped into our second elimination round for Monster March Madness (see the results below), with so many contenders being knocked out of the competition, how will the next rounds fare for these monsters of mass destruction?? Tune into the next episode to find out!

1. Main Titles & Godzilla vs. the Super X by Reijiro Koroku from Godzilla Returns (1984)
2. The Inner Beast Awakens by Kiyoko Ogino from Yamato Takeru (1994)
3. English Trailer for Orochi The Eight-Headed Dragon (1994)
4. Rain by Glay from Yamato Takeru (1994)



Click to view large version of our 3/31 Monster March Madness results!



2014 vs. 1992 — 2014  WINS!

2001 vs 2002 — 2001 WINS!

2004 vs 1968 — 2004 WINS!

2000 vs 74 — 2000 WINS!


King Kong vs. King Ghidorah — King Kong WINS!

Varan vs. Mothra — Varan WINS!

Rodan vs. Gigan — Gigan WINS!

Jet Jaguar vs. Hedorah — Hedorah WINS!


Monster X vs Biollante — Monster X  WINS!

Mecha King Ghidorah vs Battra — Battra WINS!

Orga vs Mothra 92 — Orga WINS!

Mechagodzilla 93 vs Destoroyah — Mechagodzilla  WINS!


Ultraman vs Otachi — Ultraman  WINS!

Baltan vs. Slattern — Slattern WINS!

Legion vs. Daimajin — Daimaijin WINS!

Gamera vs Iris — Gamera  WINS!