04.17.2015: Big Godzilla News/Party In The Godzilla Room, Ya’ll

Hideaki Anno & Shinji Higuchi named the directors of Toho's new Godzilla film

So much Godzilla news, it takes up the entire episode!

If you’ve been wondering just when the heck we were going to be talking about the big announcements about Toho’s impending Godzilla film and the other cool news coming out of Japan as of late, this one’s for you!

On March 31st, Toho announced the writer and directors of the upcoming Godzilla film. Hideaki Anno (best known for his work on Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Shinji Higuchi (the special effects director from the 90s Gamera series) are going to be bringing Godzilla to life in 2016. This is an earth-shatteringly awesome announcement and I cannot wait to see more from these two directors’ upcoming production. I’m definitely going to be sitting down and checking out some Evangelion and Attack On Titan – at least when the live action film comes out to familiarize myself a bit more with the directors’ work.

Toho's new Godzilla footprint!

Toho’s new Godzilla footprint!

Additionally, the Shinjuku Gracery Hotel has fired up the Godzilla head and opened the Godzilla Rooms for the press. The life-size head (located on the 8th floor) roars and lights up. Don’t forget to check out the show notes to watch some incredible videos of this awesome addition to Tokyo’s skyline. Also, during the unveiling ceremony, Godzilla was named the “Tourism Ambassador for the Shinjuku Ward”, a neighborhood he has destroyed in the past (which is very forgiving of the Japanese, don’t you think?).

Additionally, there’s more news on the horizon about the Playstation Godzilla game(s) being released and hopefully we correctly interpreted the articles. If this is a subject you are into, make sure you check out Gormaru Island’s FB page for more information than anyone else seems to be cataloguing on these releases.

As always, make sure to check the links below to learn more about the stuff we blabbed about in the episode!

1. Godzilla by Fighter Ishida & GYM from Adventure! Godzillaland (1993)
2. Godzilla vs. Gigan Suite from Ifukube 100: A Legacy of Monster Music (2015)

Hideaki Anno & Shinji Hufguchi to helm Toho’s next Godzilla Film [The Good The Bad & Godzilla]
Inside the Godzilla Rooms at the Shinjuku Gracery [Kotaku]
Video of Rooms and Café [Jiji Press]
Godzilla’s Official Unveiling at Shinkuku Gracery [Kyodo News]
Godzilla Appointed Tourism Ambassador of Shinjuku ward [Hollywood Reporter]
GODZILLA VS Game Information [Gormaru Island]
*August Ragone’s Green Slime Screening in June


Don’t forget to head over to the Kickstarter campaign for SYMPHONIC FURY! THE MUSIC OF JAPANESE MONSTERS and fund this concert before it’s too late!!!


04.13.2015: Oh, Godzilla – What Language!

It's an episode without a special topic or agenda, Rachel, Bryan, Kyle and Jeff simply talk about stuff and things.

It’s an episode without a special topic or agenda, Rachel, Bryan, Kyle and Jeff simply talk about stuff and things.

Holy crumbcakes, we made an explicit episode! Yeah, so let’s get that out of the way now. Not like we spend the entire episode swearing like crazed sailors, but we removed our “family friendly” filter for this episode and just talked about stuff like Monsterpalooza, collecting toys and Godzilla stuff, zombie movies, going to Japan, Kaijucast merchandise and all sorts of other things.  We also answered some emails from listeners that date back to the beginning of the year! That was a lot of fun, actually.

So, if you like these types of shows and want to hear more from your Kaijucast hosts, please let us know and we’ll be happy to record more of these conversational episodes (they are a lot easier to do than our standard over-planned shows).

1. Brown Gargantuan by Quicksand from Manic Compression (1995)
2. Godzilla by Cosmic Monster from Coaxial Transmission 2 (2015)
3. Suite From King Kong Vs. Godzilla from Ifukube 100: A Legacy of Monster Music (2015)

If you haven’t done so, please go support John & Chris’ kickstarter campaign, Symphonic Fury! The Music of Japanese Monsters. They cannot make this concert happen without the support of kaiju fans like you!

04.09.2015: Symphonic Fury Kickstarter Campaign

John DeSentis & Chris Oglio return to discuss their newest crowdfunding project: Symphonic Fury! The Music of Japanese Monsters.

John DeSentis & Chris Oglio return to discuss their newest crowdfunding project: Symphonic Fury! The Music of Japanese Monsters.

Last year, at the annual Godzilla convention in Chicago, G-Fest XXI, John DeSentis and Chris Oglio put on an incredible concert of Akira Ifukube’s music from the Godzilla series. As someone who was there, I can attest to how moving and stirring it was to see kaiju music performed live in front of an audience. It was a once in a lifetime kind of feeling, but lucky for us(!), John and Chris have teamed up again to launch another crowdfunded campaign to bring SYMPHONIC FURY! THE MUSIC OF JAPANESE MONSTERS to Chicago and blow the socks off the attendees. I asked the guys if they would like to come onto the show and talk about their experiences with last year’s concert and what their plans were for this year. I’m not going to waste any more words on this: PLEASE GET YOUR COLLECTIVE BUTTS TO THEIR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

The only way we’re going to see this second concert (listen to the episode to hear their plans!) is for as many Godzilla fans as possible to put their support behind this campaign. They cannot do this without our support! Additionally, John and Chris selected a handful of tracks to play during this episode – hinting at the impending awesomeness…

1. Determined To Protect Our Future by Ko Otani from Godzilla Mothra King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack (2001)
2. Offense & Defense by Ko Otani from Gamera III (1999)
3. Gyaos Flees by Ko Otani from Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995)
4. Fight of the Two Giant Monsters by Ko Otani from Gamera 2: Advent of Legion (1996)

Symphonic Fury! The Music of Japanese Monsters Kickstarter Campaign

That’s right… we’re watching Death Kappa (2010) this month. Make sure to have your homework turned in by April 23rd to have your thoughts, questions and reviews part of our discussion episode. May Godzilla have mercy on your souls. Oh, and apparently its streaming for free on ConTV.