03.31.2016: Yamato Takeru Daikaiju Discussion

The crew dives deep into Japanese mythology (sort of) with our discussion of Yamato Takeru (Orochi the Eight-Headed Dragon).

The crew dives deep into Japanese mythology (sort of) with our discussion of Yamato Takeru (Orochi the Eight-Headed Dragon).

We are back with our third episode of March! And, yes, I realize that this technically is getting posted on April 1st….but it’s not a joke – the new episode is here and we are talking about Yamato Takeru, Toho’s semi-remake of their 1959 film Birth of Japan but focusing on the Japanese legend of the same name. Released in the US as ORochi the Eight-Headed Dragon, this film holds an interesting place in kaiju cinema due to it’s mythological connections to what is essentially Japan’s religious origin story.

We also jumped into our second elimination round for Monster March Madness (see the results below), with so many contenders being knocked out of the competition, how will the next rounds fare for these monsters of mass destruction?? Tune into the next episode to find out!

1. Main Titles & Godzilla vs. the Super X by Reijiro Koroku from Godzilla Returns (1984)
2. The Inner Beast Awakens by Kiyoko Ogino from Yamato Takeru (1994)
3. English Trailer for Orochi The Eight-Headed Dragon (1994)
4. Rain by Glay from Yamato Takeru (1994)



Click to view large version of our 3/31 Monster March Madness results!



2014 vs. 1992 — 2014  WINS!

2001 vs 2002 — 2001 WINS!

2004 vs 1968 — 2004 WINS!

2000 vs 74 — 2000 WINS!


King Kong vs. King Ghidorah — King Kong WINS!

Varan vs. Mothra — Varan WINS!

Rodan vs. Gigan — Gigan WINS!

Jet Jaguar vs. Hedorah — Hedorah WINS!


Monster X vs Biollante — Monster X  WINS!

Mecha King Ghidorah vs Battra — Battra WINS!

Orga vs Mothra 92 — Orga WINS!

Mechagodzilla 93 vs Destoroyah — Mechagodzilla  WINS!


Ultraman vs Otachi — Ultraman  WINS!

Baltan vs. Slattern — Slattern WINS!

Legion vs. Daimajin — Daimaijin WINS!

Gamera vs Iris — Gamera  WINS!

3.29.2016: Monster March Madness Elimination Round 1

Monster March Madness begins with this special elimination episode of the Kaijucast!

Monster March Madness begins with this special elimination episode of the Kaijucast!

In a bit of a break from our normal fare, the Kaijucast has embarked on what could easily be an annual event here and we really hope you enjoy this as much as we did while recording the episode.

The rest of the world seems to be obsessing over the NCAA tournament, but we continue our life-long obsessing over giant monsters from the land of the rising sun and have launched a new series of episodes and segments entitled MONSTER MARCH MADNESS! If you didn’t listen to episode #168 (in which Keith Foster and I detail how this entire thing works), this is a round of 32 elimination battles that will determine this year’s winners of kaiju supremacy.

As such, this episode covers no news, catastrophic events or housekeeping announcements… only the battles between these strange beasts from the far east (mostly). We did, however, manage to squeeze in a few tracks for your listening pleasure:

1. The Greatest Battle On Earth I by Akira Ifukube from Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964)
2. The Godzilla Remix by Mike Relm (2014)
3. Godzilla vs. Tokyo by Zebrahead from G.Lasts…tribute to Godzilla 50th (2004)

Big thanks to everyone who submitted their brackets for the tournament and to our panelists! We’ll be back with another round of Monster March Madness results at the end of our daikaiju discussion episode in just a couple of days.

Here are the results from the first exciting round of elimination battles!

Results from round one of our elimination matches.

Results from round one of our elimination matches (click to embiggen* this image).



1985 vs 2014 :: 2014 WINS!

1992 vs 1954 :: 1992 WINS!

73 vs 2001 :: 2001 WINS!

66 vs 2002 :: 2002 WINS!

1962 vs 2004 :: 2004 WINS!

1968 vs 1989 :: 1968 WINS!

1975 vs 2000 :: 2000 WINS!

1974 vs 1994 :: 1974 WINS!


Sanda & Gaira vs. King Kong 1962 :: King Kong WINS!

Manda vs Ghidorah :: Ghidorah WINS!

Minya vs Varan :: Varan WINS!

Angilas vs Mothra :: Mothra WINS!

Baragon vs Rodan :: Rodan WINS!

Megalon vs Gigan :: Gigan WINS!

Titanosaurus vs Jet Jaguar :: Jet Jaguar WINS!

Mechagodzilla vs Hedorah :: Hedorah WINS!


Ghidorah ’91 vs Monster X :: Monster X WINS!

Biollante vs Mothra 2001 :: Biollante WINS!

Megaguirus vs Mecha-King Ghidorah :: Mecha-King Ghidorah WINS!

Battra vs Kiryu Mechagodzilla :: Battra WINS!

Orga vs GINO :: Orga WINS!

Mothra ’92 vs MUTO Male :: Mothra 92 WINS!

Mechagodzilla 93 vs Spacegodzilla :: Mechagodzilla 93 WINS!

Destoroyah vs MUTO Female :: Destoroyah WINS!

Leatherback vs Ultraman :: Ultraman WINS!

Knifehead vs Otachi :: Otachi WINS!

Baltan vs Gyaos :: Baltan WINS!

Big Man Japan vs. Slattern :: Slattern WINS!

Legion vs Gappa :: Legion WINS!

Daimajin vs Raiga :: Daimajin WINS!

Iris vs Ultraseven :: Iris WINS!

Gamera vs Death Kappa :: Gamera WINS!


*Simpsons references for the win, right??

03.12.2016: Return to the Monster Garage

Kevin DeAntonia, Dell Martinez, Bob Johnson, Loren "Butch" Portillo and Barrie Evans return to the Monster Garage and the Kaijucast!

Kevin DeAntonia, Dell Martinez, Bob Johnson, Loren “Butch” Portillo and Barrie Evans return to the Monster Garage and the Kaijucast!

Back from the depths of the past, we return to the Monster Garage to chat with our friends from the Bay area. Bob Johnson, Barrie Evans, Butch Portillo, Kevin DeAntonio and (newcomer to the Garage) Dell Martinez got together in that wonderful Monster Garage to talk Japan and other tokusatsu stuff with me.

1. Space Battleship Yamato theme by Isao Sasaki from Uchuu Senkan Yamato (1974)
2. Susume! Gorenger by Isao Sasaki, Mitsuko Horie & Columbia Cradle Club from Gorenger (1975)
3. US Version of Spectreman Theme Song (1978)
4. Go, Go Kikaida  by Yuuki Hide from Kikaider (1972)
5. Opening Theme by Kazuo Koike, Chuumei Watanabe from Great Mazinga (1974)


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3/11 – 3/13 Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ w/Kenpachiro Satsuma & Mizuho Yoshida
4/1 – 4/3 Spooky Empire in Orlando, FL w/Kenpachiro Satsuma, Tom Kitagawa & Bun Furuya
4/22 – 4/25 Monsterpalooza in Pasadena, CA w/Haruo Nakajima, Keizo Murase, Shinichi Wakasa, Shinji Nishikawa & Linda Miller!
6/10 – 6/12 Eternal Con in Garden City, NY with Yuuta Mochizuki & Reiko Chiba

Head over to our Monster March Madness page and grab your bracket. Fill it out and send it in!

Our next Daikaiju Discussion film is Yamato Takeru, or as it’s known in the US (because of the ADV release) Orochi the Eight-Headed Dragon. If you want to be a part of the episode, make sure to send your homework in before Thursday, March 24th.