03.28.2014: Gamera vs. Zigra Daikaiju Discussion

Kyle and Martin just wanted a Coke but instead, they watched Gamera vs. Zigra for this month's discussion.

Kyle and Martin just wanted a Coke but instead, they watched Gamera vs. Zigra for this month’s discussion.

This episode (#106) we take a look at Daiei’s 1971 kiddie-classic, Gamera vs. Zigra. Sure, this is 100% meant for children, but I’m sure we can find something inside worthy of discussion. The 1970s were a really rough time for the studio system and Daiei was no exception. This was the final film in the Gamera series before the desperate attempt to reinvigorate the studio by creating the terrible terrapin’s swan song, Gamera Super Monster. Martin was the only Kaijucast cohost brave enough to venture into Zigra’s waters with me, but we had a lot of fun watching this and I can only imagine the proper roasting this would have received with a larger crew.

These coming months are probably going to be kind of relentless when it comes to news, so I’ve taken what I deemed to be the most important or coolest news from the last couple of weeks and expanded upon it during this episode. Once you’re done listening check out the links below to get more information!

We had a lot of music requests and I totally love that, please feel free to make a request through the Contact page!

1. Main Title by Akira Ifukube from Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995)
2. Godzilla by Michael Sembello from Bossa Nova Hotel (1983)
3. Monster X Appears by Nobuhiko Morino from Godzilla Final Wars (2004)
4. Monster Man by DEVO (2012)
5. Rodanne by Mike Nesmith from Elephant Parts (1981)
6. Godzilla & Jet Jaguar Punch-Punch-Punch! by Masato Shimone from Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973)
7. Godzilla Eats Las Vegas by Eric Whitacre (1996)
8. GOJIRA (Original Mix) by Ninjas In Pyjamas from Kaiju EP (2013)

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Ifukube & Godzilla: A Musical Celebration – This Campaign still needs your support & ends at 6am April 6th!

3/28 – 3/30 Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle (Come to our KAIJU ATTACK panel on Sunday at 12:40pm!)

gappaOur next film discussion will be the 1967 Gappa from Nikkatsu Studios. It’s cool to see a different studio’s take on the kaiju film and 1967 was a big year for trying to capitalize on giant monsters. We will be watching the Media Blasters/Tokyo Shock DVD, but I understand that this film is available in multiple formats since many people believe it has fallen into the public domain. If you have a DVD with Daikyoj? Gappa or Gappa: The Triphibian Monster or even Monster from a Prehistoric Planet, it’ll work for the us! Please make sure to turn in your homework by Friday, April 25th to be included in the discussion. Looking forward to hearing your collective thoughts, questions and reviews of this film!

A Very Special Engagement of Monster Music Mondays

Ifukube & Godzilla: A Musical Celebration

Greetings, Godzilla fans! It’s time for another installment of our massive playlist of Monster Music Mondays and this time I’ve been given a hand.

In collaboration with the Ifukube & Godzilla: A Musical Celebration kickstarter campaign, John DeSentis has created a playlist of 100 tracks from Akira Ifukube’s scores. This playlist will repeatedly be part of the programming for what is probably the longest Monster Music Monday ever – the entire runtime of this playlist is around 86 HOURS!

This is the closest thing we’ll ever get to a Telethon, but instead of calling in your donations, just go here, donate and make this concert a reality!

In order to listen on your internet enabled music player, go to this link:

And if you absolutely need to stream this through your browser, you can use this link (but it’s a little buggy):

03.16.2014: Ifukube & Godzilla A Musical Celebration Kickstarter

Ifukube and Godzilla: A Musical Celebration is a kickstarter campaign with a goal to fund a live symphonic concert celebrating the connection between composer Akira Ifukube and Godzilla.

Ifukube and Godzilla: A Musical Celebration is a kickstarter campaign with a goal to fund a live symphonic concert celebrating the connection between composer Akira Ifukube and Godzilla.

Check it out, folks – it’s our first bonus episode (#105) of 2014 and I had the pleasure of speaking with John DeSentis and Chris Oglio about their current crowdsourced project, Ifukube & Godzilla: A Musical Celebration. This is one of the coolest ideas that I’ve seen on Kickstarter and I absolutely want to see it come to fruition. They need the support of Godzilla fans around the world and although the donations are coming in and the project is going strong, they have a long road to go in the next 20 days!

Have you ever seen Godzilla Fantasia? The music from that impressive montage was performed live in Japan and it must have been a sight and sound to behold. Imagine being able to see a 50-piece symphony perform a full concert of Akira Ifukube’s iconic work from the Godzilla series. As a fan of the music in these films, I’m really hoping to see this in Chicago this summer during G-Fest and I hope you do too. After listening to the episode, please consider heading over to the Kickstarter’s page and choosing a donation level to back this amazing project!

Because this was a bonus episode, we didn’t cover any news items, but we closed the episode with a total of seven Ifukube tracks from some of our favorite scores.

[All of the following are by Akira Ifukube]
1. Ending from Godzilla vs. Desotoroyah (1995)
2. The Heat Ray Gun from Battle In Outer Space (1959)
3. Element X from King Kong Escapes (1967)
4. Journey to the Wargod Effigy from Daimajin (1966)
5. SY-3 Sortie from Destroy All Monsters (1968)
6. The Greatest Battle On Earth II from Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster (1964)
7. Mechagodzilla’s Sortie from Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla (1993)

Ifukube & Godzilla: A Musical Celebration Kickstarter Page
The Facebook Page for the Kickstarter
@IfukubeGodzilla Twitter Account
More stuff?

Don’t forget to tune into tomorrow’s installment of MONSTER MUSIC MONDAYS to hear a very special playlist put together by John DeSentis celebrating 100 years of Ifukube and his music. It’s sure to be a great selection of classic Ifukube and I’ll be playing the set several times during the stream!