A Very Special Engagement of Monster Music Mondays

Ifukube & Godzilla: A Musical Celebration

Greetings, Godzilla fans! It’s time for another installment of our massive playlist of Monster Music Mondays and this time I’ve been given a hand.

In collaboration with the Ifukube & Godzilla: A Musical Celebration kickstarter campaign, John DeSentis has created a playlist of 100 tracks from Akira Ifukube’s scores. This playlist will repeatedly be part of the programming for what is probably the longest Monster Music Monday ever – the entire runtime of this playlist is around 86 HOURS!

This is the closest thing we’ll ever get to a Telethon, but instead of calling in your donations, just go here, donate and make this concert a reality!

In order to listen on your internet enabled music player, go to this link:

And if you absolutely need to stream this through your browser, you can use this link (but it’s a little buggy):

03.16.2014: Ifukube & Godzilla A Musical Celebration Kickstarter

Ifukube and Godzilla: A Musical Celebration is a kickstarter campaign with a goal to fund a live symphonic concert celebrating the connection between composer Akira Ifukube and Godzilla.

Ifukube and Godzilla: A Musical Celebration is a kickstarter campaign with a goal to fund a live symphonic concert celebrating the connection between composer Akira Ifukube and Godzilla.

Check it out, folks – it’s our first bonus episode (#105) of 2014 and I had the pleasure of speaking with John DeSentis and Chris Oglio about their current crowdsourced project, Ifukube & Godzilla: A Musical Celebration. This is one of the coolest ideas that I’ve seen on Kickstarter and I absolutely want to see it come to fruition. They need the support of Godzilla fans around the world and although the donations are coming in and the project is going strong, they have a long road to go in the next 20 days!

Have you ever seen Godzilla Fantasia? The music from that impressive montage was performed live in Japan and it must have been a sight and sound to behold. Imagine being able to see a 50-piece symphony perform a full concert of Akira Ifukube’s iconic work from the Godzilla series. As a fan of the music in these films, I’m really hoping to see this in Chicago this summer during G-Fest and I hope you do too. After listening to the episode, please consider heading over to the Kickstarter’s page and choosing a donation level to back this amazing project!

Because this was a bonus episode, we didn’t cover any news items, but we closed the episode with a total of seven Ifukube tracks from some of our favorite scores.

[All of the following are by Akira Ifukube]
1. Ending from Godzilla vs. Desotoroyah (1995)
2. The Heat Ray Gun from Battle In Outer Space (1959)
3. Element X from King Kong Escapes (1967)
4. Journey to the Wargod Effigy from Daimajin (1966)
5. SY-3 Sortie from Destroy All Monsters (1968)
6. The Greatest Battle On Earth II from Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster (1964)
7. Mechagodzilla’s Sortie from Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla (1993)

Ifukube & Godzilla: A Musical Celebration Kickstarter Page
The Facebook Page for the Kickstarter
@IfukubeGodzilla Twitter Account
More stuff?

Don’t forget to tune into tomorrow’s installment of MONSTER MUSIC MONDAYS to hear a very special playlist put together by John DeSentis celebrating 100 years of Ifukube and his music. It’s sure to be a great selection of classic Ifukube and I’ll be playing the set several times during the stream!

03.14.2014: Interviewing Godzilla’s Haruo Nakajima at Fear FestEvil

Kyle speaks with Mr. Godzilla himself, Haruo Nakajima and recaps last month's Fear FestEvil with Jeff.

Kyle speaks with Mr. Godzilla himself, Haruo Nakajima and recaps last month’s Fear FestEvil with Jeff. Photo credit: Jonathan Peter Lee

It cannot wait any longer! This interview must be posted – wait… I mean this interview must be UNLEASHED!

I had the absolute pleasure of interviewing Mr. Godzilla himself, Haruo Nakajima, at Kirk Von Hammett’s FEAR FESTEviL in San Francisco last month and it was an exhilarating experience. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the living legend of Haruo Nakajima, this man played the King of the Monsters from 1954 to 1972 (with only a few little breaks), the original Rodan in 1956, Mogera in 1957, Varan in 1958, well… I’ll stop myself from going on and on about his performances, but he also played a number of Ultra kaiju as well. Nakajima gave such character to Godzilla and all of the kaiju which he brought to life and it was truly an honor to meet him in person. Mr. Nakajima will be appearing at a few more conventions throughout the year so I really encourage all of the listeners who haven’t met this icon of our genre to get out to those conventions and festivals! See below for more details.

In addition to the interview, because it is on the short side, Jeff and I discussed the awesomeness of the festival and why he would have loved to be there. In addition to recapping the Fear FestEvil, we had a whole lotta Godzilla news to discuss!

1. Ultra Q Main Title by Animetal from Animetal III (1998)
2. Phantom Forest/Wheel Apparition by Hiroshi Watanabe from Along With Ghosts (1969)
3. Main Title by Ko Otani from Gamera III: Revenge of Irys (1999)
4. Blowing Up The Statue of the Martial God by Bukimisha Weird Secret Society from Daring Daimajin (2006)
5. The Confrontation at Mt. Fuji by Akira Ifukube from King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962)

Click the photo to enlarge the panoramic shot of the Q&A Hall at Fear FestEvil.

Click the photo to enlarge the panoramic shot of the Q&A Hall at Fear FestEvil.

Godzilla 2014 News
- Empire Magazine Video
- Forbidden Planet had a special signing at the end of last month with Gareth Edwards
- New Mondo Poster for SXSW
- First toys have begun surfacing: Jakks PacificBandai FiguresChibi Figures

Updated list of Rialto’s Gojira (1954) screenings:
April 12 HOLLYWOOD, CA TCM Classic Film Festival
April 18 – 24 NEW YORK, NY Film Forum
April 25 – May 1 SANTA FE, NM Jean Cocteau Cinema
May 2 – 4 & 6 SILVER SPRING, MD AFI Silver
May 2 – 5 PORTLAND, OR Hollywood Theatre
May 2 – 8 SEATTLE, WA SIFF Cinema Uptown
May 2 – 8 SOMERVILLE, MA Somerville Theatre
May 8 AMBLER, PA The Ambler Theater
May 9 – 15 CHICAGO, IL Music Box Theatre
May 9 – 15 DENVER, CO Denver Film Society
May 9 – 15 FORT COLLINS, CO Lyric Cinema Cafe
May 12 – 13 & 15 EL SEGUNDO, CA ArcLight Cinemas Beach Cities
May 12 – 13 & 15 PASADENA, CA ArcLight Cinemas Pasadena
May 12 – 13 & 15 SAN DIEGO, CA ArcLight Cinemas La Jolla
May 14 DOYLESTOWN, PA The County Theater
May 23 – 26 HOUSTON, TX The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
May 28 LEXINGTON, KY Kentucky Theatre
July 17 COLUMBUS, OH Wexner Center for the Arts

New Book up for pre-order the Art of Japanese Monsters
Godzilla the Animated Series
Bandai rereleasing Ultra Act figures of Ultraman and Ginga
Media Blasters Destroy All Monsters & Godzilla vs. Megalon
The Godzilla Blu Rays from Kraken have their art finalized. Ebirah, Smog Monster & Gigan
X-Plus Lineup for April

Ifukube & Godzilla: A Musical Celebration Kickstarter BACK THIS PROJECT, LISTENERS!!!

3/28 – 3/30 Monsterpalooza in Burbank, CA w/Kenji Sahara, Russ Tamblyn & Haruo Nakajima
4/25 – 4/27 Chiller Theatre in Parsippany, NJ w/Hiroshi Koizumi & Bin Furuya
5/16 – 5/18 Dallas Comicon, Dallas, TX w/Akira Takarada
5/17 & 5/18 Big Wow Comic Fest in San Jose, CA w/Kenpachiro Satsuma & Bin Furuya
5/30 – 6/1 Spooky Empire in Orlando, FL w/Akira Takarada & Haruo Nakajima
And I’m sure there will be plenty more…

3/28 – 3/30 EMERALD CITY COMIC CON in Seattle, WA
*Come see our Kaiju Attack Panel on Sunday the 30th at 12:40pm

Don’t forget that if you want to submit your homework (aka thoughts, questions and reviews) for 1971′s Gamera vs. Zigra, you need to send that before March 23rd to have it included in the next discussion episode!